Monkey Tail (Cola de mono)

Chilean Christmas drink.
There are different versions of how this delicious drink got its name.
One of them says that it started during the times of the Chilean president Pedro Montt Montt. Friends of the president nicknamed him Mono Montt (Mono means monkey). One night, he was preparing to leave a party, and he asked for his Colt revolver, but his friends convinced him to stay at the party. When the wine had run out, they mixed alcohol with sugar, in a glass with milk and coffee. This drink was originally known as Colt de Montt, and later became Cola de Mono.
Another version says that this preparation was commercialized in bottles of Anis de Mono, a drink from Spain, which had a tag that showed a monkey with a long tail.

For 3 or 4 glasses.


1 liter of milk
120 ml of clear alcohol, such as vodka.
1 tablespoon of pure vanilla extract
1/3 cup of sugar
1 stick of cinnamon
1 tablespoon of instant coffee (I use Nescafe)
2 cloves
1 pinch of nutmeg


In a medium pot, boil the milk with the cinnamon stick, cloves, pinch of nutmeg, and vanilla. Boil at medium heat.
Remove the pot from the heat when the milk boils.
Dissolve the coffee in a small portion of the hot milk, and add it to the mixture.
You should use the following technique to mix, so that the cola de mono will last longer.
You pull some milk out of the pot with a bowl or jar, lift it and let it fall, hitting the rest of the milk still into the pot.
Do this for approximately 20 minutes, until it is cool, and frothy.
Add the sugar slowly, stirring as you go.
Add the alcohol slowly, stirring as you go.
Then you should use the previous mixing technique to slap the milk and do it for another 10 minutes.
Strain the milk to remove the cloves and cinnamon.
Store in a glass bottle and refrigerate.

Serve cold, but without ice. In a glass with a cinnamon stick.

This Monkey Tail drink (Cola de Mono) lasts for 3 weeks approximately, refrigerated.
The flavor of this preparation is soft, you can make it stronger by adding more alcohol.
Use whatever is most comfortable for you to do the mixing since you’re going to be doing it for 30 minutes.